Menu Card

Cold Starters

Cod liver with onion, pastry, spring salad 100g 95,-
Homemade greaves spread, pastry  50g 65,-
Breetroot carpaccio with bryndza and apple 150g 85,-

Soups (0,33 l)

See day offer 40,-
Broth with liver dumplings, vegetables and noodles 40,-
Tripe soup 45,-

Main courses

Wiener veal schnitzel fried in butter, mashed potatoes with bacon 200g 220,-
Grilled pork tenderloin with fried onions, baked Grenaille potatoes 200g 220,-
Roast pork ribs, horseradish, mustard, pastry 500g 200,-
Roast duck, cabbage, Carlsbad dumplings 1/4 170,-
Grilled chicken steak with bacin, baked Grenaille potatoes 200g 190,-
Perch fries with lime dressing, spring salad 200g 270,-
Grilled salmon fillet with hollandaise sauce, baked Grenaille potatoes 200g 290,-
Grilled beef tenderlion streak with herb butter, cranberry sauce, American potatoes 300g 390,-
Pork knuckle, horseradish, mustard, pastry 500g 260,-
Golfburger "DVOURUČÁK" with mustard dressing, grilled bacon and salad, french fries  200g 220,-
Golfsandwich with shredded pork, french fries 200g 190,-
Variations of fried cheeses, french fries 150g 150,-
Gnocchi aglio olio e pepperoncino 300g 150,-


Beef tartare, 6 toasts 150g 150,-
Beef tartare, 10 toasts 300g 300,-


Balkan salad 200g 100,-
Mixed salad with tuna 300g 130,-
"Caesar" salad, grilled chicken breast, croutons, bacon, romaine lettuce, dressing 300g 140,-

Side dishes (200g)

French fries 40,-
Croquettes 50,-
Wdges 50,-
Backed potatoes Grenaille 50,-
Mashed potatoes 50,-

Cold Sauces

Garlic dressing 30,-
Tartar sauce 20,-
Ketchup 20,-
BBQ sauce 30,-